Technical Info

The Theatre is situated on the first floor of the venue.

(Please refer to ‘Get-In’ access Options).

The playing area is approximately 10m across and 6m deep with black Le Mark Nocturne stage-floor surface. (Note: no screwed/drilled floor fixings.)

Fixed, open overhead grid approximately 5.5m from stage floor with 3 fixed L.X I.W.B bars. No fly floor. (Single up-stage 8m length fly-bar in situ at cyc.-hand flown on hemp from floor U/St/L.) Limited wing space. approx. 2.5m each wing (note: no scene-dock/storage) Stage floor approx. 0.5m high from auditorium floor with direct access either side to auditorium offering raked seating of 262 capacity.

Black-box stage setting with black cyc-cloth and black ‘leg’ masking. (U/St and Mid/St masking can draw on-stage to offer full-stage drape).
Fixed tracks …U/St…Mid/St…..D/St….for hung cloths to be ‘wiped’. 5.5m drop. Performers stage access to wings St/L. and St/R. directly from secure backstage greenroom/dressing- room area with cross-over off-stage . (via Greenroom area) Hand-winched red house-tabs operated D/St/R.
Technical - Main Auditorium


Lighting (see links above for diagrams)

The control room is situated centrally at the rear of the raked auditorium. 44 Dimming channels -Beta-packs patch/plug ( 32 on-stage/ 12 F.O.H.)
Zero88 Fat Frog board.

Rig Positions.

Three fixed IWB LX bars over stage with 12 circuits on each.

LX1 is slightly advance of downstage apron

LX2 is at mid-stage LX3 is at up-stage 'cyc'

Fixed FOH. bar is at rear auditorium with 12 circuits

12 dip circuits on stage (6 each wing)

Lantern Stock.
* 16 x 1K Cantata Fresnels
* 12 x 1K Cantata Profiles
* 8 x 1K Parcans
* 6 x Selecon 1K Fresnels
* 6 x Acclaim Profiles
* 12 x Acclaim Fresnels 650W

* 4 floor boom stands (tank-trap)
* Small stock Lee standard colour
* Small stock TRS etc * Col frames/barn-doors/selected gobo holders etc.

Sound (Live Music)

* 24 channel Allen & Heath desk (4 mixes + eq and fx unit - no compressors)
* 2500W amplification
* FOH PA speakers raised at st/l and st/r at proscenium
* 5 x SM58 mics
* 2 x SM57 mics
* 2 x AKG condenser mics
* 6 x Yamaha wedge monitors
* CD / MD playback
* Small stock XLR / mic stands etc
* In-house op. position rear auditorium L
* Touring op. position rear auditorium R approx. 30m from clean 32amp feed on-stage (st/l)

Sound (Theatre)

* 16 channel Allen & Heath mixer with graphic and FX
* 500W amplification
* Ohm FOH PA speakers flown in auditorium (on LX1)
* 2 x lapel radio mics * 2 x hand-held radio mics * Other mic/stand/cable stock as per Live Music spec
* CD / MD playback
* Mix position - control room only

Get-in (see link above for plans)

The Alnwick Playhouse stage and auditorium is situated on the first floor of the building, so there is no easy 'roll-in' access. There are 3 options:

* 'Passenger' lift. Accessible from the lane at the side of the theatre for structures under 2m, flight-cases / instruments / props / costumes / luggage etc.

* Internal turned staircase. Accessible from the lane at the side of the theatre for small / medium structures maximum length 3m.

* External turned fire escape. Accessible from the large car park behind the theatre. Option for larger flats / structures etc.

Back-stage facilities

* Access from stage-door (side-lane) upstairs to greenroom.
* There are two separate dressing rooms for 6 (or more!) each, with showers/ facilities etc.
* There is a large adjoining communal green room with seating area and further changing/storage space as required
* There is telephone intercom connection and show relay
* Further temporary comms can be offered as required. (3 packs)


The Playhouse employs one in-house Technician/Operator.

If further crew/technicians are required, please arrange with theatre accordingly. (e.g Sound Engineer / Get-in Get-out /stage-crew)


Suggestions as follows, or check out the following link:

* Tower Restaurant & Accommodation :: 01665 603888
* Georgian Guest (& Castle Gate) Guest House :: 01665 602398
* Aln Guest House :: 01665 602265
* Bondgate House Hotel :: 01665 602025
* The Oaks Hotel :: 01665 510014
* Tate House B&B :: 01665 604661

* Alnwick Lodge : : 01665 604363

Alnwick is just off the main route A1, situated approx. 30 miles north of Newcastle upon Tyne and approx. 30 miles south of the Scottish border.










LX Schematic

  • 3 bars over stage
  • bar 1 just in front of stage line
  • dips at either side of stage
  • f.o.h. bar at front of control room

Technical - Main Auditorium - Get-In

Technical - NTC Studio Theatre


The stock levels of equipment will vary depending on the touring requirements of Northumberland Theatre Company’s productions and the general maintenance schedule. For more accurate information for a particular date please email us.

Full stock levels are as shown below:
Lighting Equipment

Standard Equipment:

  • 25x Selecon Acclaim 650w Fresnel c/w barn doors and colour frame
  • 6x Selecon 1200w Fresnel c/w barn doors and colour frame
  • 4x Selecon 1200w Compact Fresnel c/w barn doors and colour frame
  • 6x Short Nose Par Cans c/w CP62 lamp and colour frame
  • 4x Selecon Acclaim 650w 18°-34° zoom profiles
  • 4x Selecon Acclaim 650w 24°-44° zoom profiles
  • 2x Strand SL 650w 23°-50° zoom profiles
  • 4x Coda 500 Asymmetrical Floods (2 available with barn doors)
  • 10x Par 16 Birdies c/w transformers and colour frames

Intelligent Equipment:

  • 2x Martin Mac 250 Entour Moving Head fixtures
  • 8x Chroma Q Broadway Scrollers (modified to fit 125x125 frames)
  • 2x Chroma Q 8 way PSU
  • 1x Chroma Q 2 way PSU
  • 2x Chroma Q Dual Gobo Rotators (accept B size gobos)

Houselights are zone-able remotely dimmable halogen downlighters


  • Zero 88 Frog (Available all year)
  • Zero 88 Fat Frog (Only available during non-touring periods)
  • 4x (Hardwired in patch room) Zero 88 Betapack 2 Dimmer Racks
  • 2x Portable Zero 88 Betapack 2 Dimmer Racks
  • 3x Portable Zero 88 Betapack 3 Dimmer Racks

Effects Equipment

  • Jem ZR24/7Hazer (DMX or Manual trigger)
  • Martin Magnum 2000 Smoke Machine (DMX or Manual trigger)
  • Jem Techno Fog Smoke Machine (Manual Trigger only)
  • Fibre Optic star cloth (5.8m span, 3.6m drop) Tab top
  • Chauvet Snow machine

Sound Equipment

  • Allen & Heath PA12-CP 12-2 Powered Mixer Built in effects processor (500w + 500w) C/W Ipod dock
  • 4x RCF Art 300 Speakers (300w) Suspended, 1 in each corner of the studio
  • 2x RCF Art 300 Speakers (300w) Portable
  • Tascam MD-350 Mini Disc Player/Recorder
  • Tascam CD-160 CD Player
  • 4x Audio Technica Radio Microphones:
    • 2x Lapel Mics operating on 863.840MHz & 864.420MHz
    • 2x Hand Held Mics operating on 855.275MHz & 864.780MHz
  • 1x Sure SM58 Microphone
  • 2x Dual DI Boxes
  • 2x Single DI Boxes

Digital Projection Equipment

  • Mitsubishi XL5900U Data/Video Projector, Suspended from lighting rigg
  • Mitsubishi Data/Video Projector, Portable
  • Sanyo DV-DX2E DVD/VHS Player
  • Fixed retractable projection screen on end wall of the space
  • Camera can be available for live feed images to projector

Miscellaneous Equipment / Information

  • Mirrored wall (behind sliding doors, along one side of space)
  • Semi sprung hardwood floor, not suitable for screw fixing
  • 10x Manfrotto winch stands (3.7m)
  • Various Trilite 200 Ladder truss in 2m, 1m 0.4m lengths. Also T-sect, L-sect
  • Various limited selection of filters, gobos, TRS, DMX grelco’s etc
  • 2x 32A 3 phase Cee-form supplies in opposite corners, single phase converters available
  • 2x 32A Radial circuits supplying 7x Double 13A sockets
  • Main Rigg: 5x IWB’s with 10 circuits each across the space, 3 bars running the length of the room
  • 10x Floor circuits in pairs around the space 8x 3P XLR Tie lines from end to end of room (M&F at each end)
  • DMX and speaker inputs at both ends of the space
  • All of our equipment runs on 5P DMX, we do have 3-5 and 5-3 pin converters

Clearance under Grid: 3.73m
Height to Lighting Bars: 3.78m
Dimensions of Floor Space: 9.53m x 11.88m
Clearance under Heating Ducts: 2.78m
Get In & Facilities

Get In access to the studio is via the rear alley-way to the Playhouse building, between the Northumberland Gazette and the Playhouse. All items will have to be carried down a small flight of internal stairs (all double door width) into the space. The studio theatre is fully accessible to wheelchair users through the main Playhouse entrance, including the dressing room with wheelchair accessible shower and facilities. The dressing room will comfortably accommodate 6 performers.


Alnwick is on the A1, 30 miles north of Newcastle upon Tyne and 30 miles south of the Scottish border. It is only a small town and the theatre stands more or less in the centre, opposite the Fleece public house and next to the Hotspur Tower. Vehicles should be parked in the lane between the Playhouse and the offices of the Northumberland Gazette. More detailed instructions and a map are on this website here.
Information correct March 2009. NTC reserve the right to withhold the use of equipment and to alter availability at any time, for confirmation of current equipment availability email: