Judith Appleby

Judy Appleby has been painting with the North of England Art Club for the past 10 years when she first took up painting as a retirement hobby. The hobby has become a new career with her work exhibited in galleries in the North East of England and Scotland. Judy has a studio in Newcastle's Biscuit Factory BBox studios. She likes to work in acrylics and her subjects, though varied, include Lindisfarne Castle, the Farne Islands, Scottish harbours, and industrial riversides

Malcolm Yorke

Malcolm Yorke is the oldest surviving founder of the North of England Art Club (81) and still attends a weekly life class there, virus permitting. A retired lecturer in English at Northumbria University Department of Education, he is also the author of sixteen books on artists and writers. Last year he had an exhibition of his carvings and paintings at the People’s Theatre

Ian Hancock

Ian has sketched intermittently with pencil and pastels ever since he was a child when he painted from his grandmothers's window. He started painting again when he retired 8 years ago after attending an abstract painting course. Consequently, elements of drawing often creep into his paintings. Ian is attracted by strong contrasts, of colour and light, but also in subject matter, the contrast between natural and man-made elements of the landscape

Tim Griffiths

Tim's paintings portray people getting together at normal times, doing the normal things, like walking the dog and sitting around enjoying the sun. The things which people are going to appreciate all the more

Walter Holmes

Walter Holmes has been painting for 50 years. Following a formal education in earth sciences (Durham University and Imperial College, London), he studied art at various institutions, including Hammersmith and Chelsea Schools of Art and Newcastle University. Since his first one-man show in 1971 his work has been exhibited throughout the UK and is in private collections from the USA to Russia. Like many outstanding artists Walter brings a unique energy to his paintings through his understanding of light

Bruce McNiven

Bruce McNiven lives in Newcastle and has been a member of NoEAC for about 12 years. After retiring he returned to the pleasure of drawing and painting he had left behind some decades ago to pursue his career. He works mainly with watercolour and other water based mediums, along with graphite and ink for drawing

Kelsey Thornton

Kelsey Thornton, son of the head of Burnley Art School, avoided competing as a painter with his father while he was alive, but, after his own retirement from the Chair of English Literature at Birmingham University, has attempted to act on all the lessons he took in by watching. The fact that his father was also a potter probably has something to do with the number of pots that he paints.