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Arts Development

Mini Youth Theatre

Alnwick Playhouse Arts Development Strategy

It is our aim to celebrate creativity for, by and with children, families and young people across a diverse range of art forms, experience, projects, workshops and events and manage projects across the following strands.

  1. Connectivity and Identity
  2. Early Years, Families and Community
  3. Young Leaders at Alnwick Playhouse
  4. Artist Development
  5. Schools, Colleges and Universities
  6. Innovative Commisions

In 2014, we were successful in applying to the Arts Council for £15,000 funding to develop our arts development programme. Having an injection of funding from Arts Council's Grants for the Arts was extremely valuable to us at this point in our Arts Development programme.

This is the first time we have applied for and received a grant of this size for our work and we wanted to use the resource and time to test some of the new ways of working considering regular participants, artists, schools, regular and new audiences. We are currently waiting for the outcome of our next bid which, if successful, will see us develop our relationship with early years and family participants and audience members and strengthen our young leaders programme working with new partners and artists.